When you commission an aerial imaging provider you are buying images. Everything else serves to provide the platform and equipment with which that image can be captured. With 26 years experience in Photography and 8 years in videography Aspections primary Pilot in Command is an imaging specialist first and a drone pilot second.


All Aspection pilots carry full Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority ensuring they are flying safely & legally whilst capturing your images.

Aspection hold an operations manual which is reviewed every quarter to ensure it is up to date with both current legislation and learning from our own commercial operations.


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Aspection currently carry £5m Public Liability Insurance for all operations in the UK. Where necessary we are happy to increase the value of Public Liability Insurance and to offer worldwide geographic cover.


If you are considering commissioning any aerial work feel free to give us a call. We can quickly and easily check whether your desired location is a no-fly zone or not and if not, what extra steps may be needed to gain permissions from Air Traffic Control to fly.

Assuming we are in a legal and safe location to fly we will then work to understand your exact requirements for the images. What are they for? What target audience? Via which Medium? Understanding how our customers will use their images will enable us to make sure we capture the images in the best way to reflect that.


It may be hard to believe but a trained commercial drone pilot undertakes a large amount of preparation prior to the day of flight and again, on the day.

Activities include:

  • Airspace checks and Air Traffic Control liasion where needed

  • Full site survey and hazard identification

  • Public access and highway checks

  • Risk Assessment

  • Weather check using aerodrome reports

  • Privacy Impact Assessment where needed

It doesnt stop there though and our on site requirements include pre flight checks wind speed checks ... the list goes on! Always make sure you are commissioning a drone pilot with PfCO and appropriate Public Liability insurance.

All Aspection flights adhere to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Procedures and Air Navigation Order regarding drone flights and safety and also where necessary the Data Protection Act 1998.