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Drones are already providing cost effective means of undertaking inspections of structures such as complex roof structures, bridges, power lines and wind and solar farms. The ability to carry out inspections at height, especially in inaccessible areas, can generate significant cost savings by removing necessity for expensive scaffolding and elevation units. An ancillary benefit is the reduction of risk to inspection teams.

With the rapid pace of technological development in the drone world the opportunities for creating benefit and value in many sectors are growing. We are particularly keen to develop pilot projects within sectors such as:

  • Building surveying & inspections

  • Construction site surveys & mapping

  • Energy - particularly wind and solar installations

  • Archaeology

  • Insurance

  • Agriculture

  • Emergency Services

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We are particularly keen to explore the opportunities of geo photogrammetry and the value this can create in undertaking accurate site surveys, 3d modelling and integration with GIS and CAD packages to support construction, archaeology, initial site surveys and earthworks calculations.

We are also looking for partner organisations to undertake pilots utilising thermography.

We are open to conversations about the art of the possible utilising drone technology so regardless of your sector, if you have an idea or would like to discuss any of the above further please do get in touch.